August 24, 2008


".. & I was still tongue tied when I pictured his perfect face.
I was well aware that my league and his league were spheres that did not touch."

Its either me or my body temperature's rising. I feel feverish, perhaps its due to
over-comsuming Reese Peanut Butter Chocolates & Durians, urgh. Fats ):

Aunt brought back tons of chocolates from the States, including Reese.
Im so jealous I wanna go to America cause there're so many things so buy!!!

She brought back these for me! Yay, although she didn't buy my sidekick this was def better!
I still have a Coach wallet+ Pouch & kate Spade wristlet w me,
Tempted to use the wallet teehee ^^

Anw, after much contemplation and persuasion I decided to read Twilight
(okay I know Im slow, ha-ha)
& just like what everyone said it was really good!
Omg, I loved Edward (the male lead)
He's so sweeeeeeeeeeet and charming. Gosh
Finally a book to get hooked onto, hehe :)
Three cheers to Stephanie Meyer!
(P.s Im still equally as devoted to Harry Potter) so N3rdzx.

Aights, Im calling it a day. Peace out, hehe ciao!