August 23, 2008

Percy Piglets

I've been a good girl this week, staying home everyday (cept for Friday) glueing my eyes onto the laptop and hoping to see that particular flashing orange light at the bottom of the screen...
Geez the weather's seriously gone hay-wire & Im freezing my knees off as I'm typing this.
Anyway, here's what happened on a particular weekday. Enjoy 8)
Raffles w Jov & Fai!
I got leopard printed sneakers+stockings, woven stockings & a top. I need more $$$

For dinner,
Meet: Ms Awesome Grilled Chicken Teriyaki Rice

Seriously, I think my tastebuds are turning Japanese.. I've been consuming sushi everyday for the whole week

And Im serious bout, Everyday. Hahaha shucks.
Meet: Ms Sangaria (according to the can) White Grape Juice
Right, and I must admit this is by far one of the best drink ever!
It contains like tiny grapes inside which are super soft and chewy! Jovene loved it too 8)

After satisfying my tastebuds Ameer came to meet us & we headed to Haji Ln/Mosi Cafe!
There I got myself a vest for 15SGD, what a steal. Haha & I luvvvv it !

Yeaa, Some public affection going on here.

Ameer, decided to show off his vest w Fai being the photographer. Hmm :/

Shixiong & Zoe came! Then we headed to VictJomo to meet Tammy before cabbing to Zouk 8)

Met Dearest to get our guestlists! Haha it was packed in a ketchup packet looking kinda thing
Then Christelle & Freda came!
We entered & watched the fashion show by Collage and White Room.
Quite a number of people we knew were modelling including Gren/Gayren. HAHAHA
Went out to drink and then Freda was high and she went "dooodooodooo" or was it "pewpewpew"? Haha I don't know, but it was damn funny ^^ We took pictures and she thought they were lightning flashes o.o
Then we walked back to Zouk

We finally settled inside, the crowd was 999999x way better than underaged parties! Omg
Hahaha maybe we should start gg Zouk instead :/ We were dying to go into Phuture which was sold out
AHHHHH, we tried ways and means but to no avail ): Had to wait till 330, gah.
Yes met half the world inside there also, we all had drinks courtesy of Gren and @ one point I was holding
a jug of Bourbon in my hand and I had no idea whr it came from until when we drained it then I realised it was Millie's... Hahah!
Cabbed back at 330, and slept like a pig.
Rest of the pics are in Jo's cam, will upload em soon :D
- 3 more days to Haji to finally meet Vannessa!!!!!
- 5 more sch days to self proclaimed holiday
- 7 more days to BAYBEATSBAYBEATSBAYBEATS (3rd day)
- 9 more days to N Levels.
God Bless me, Amen.