August 20, 2008

Tick tock.

Im v excited so I decided to update my very first entry!
First, Im taking a break from Livejournal.
I guess I've decidedto blog in a whole new enviroment..
Also, I get a cheap thrill of setting up a whole new blog from scratch ^^
For lj friends, don't fret I'll still keep playingforlove for occasional updates and also read other's posts.
Yay Im so happy cos I feel like Im starting something new on a fresh piece of paper
& I can't wait to fill it up with pictures and words!
Vokay, besides my prelims (which is an ultimate killjoy)
everything else has been happier :)
I feel happy, something in me is just bouncing and jumping and twirling around
but.. Idk. Sigh
Aww-right, Im off to decay or hopefully fall asleep.
My body clock's malfunctioning these few days, hmm...