September 30, 2008


Awrights, Im back w a small update.. the Weekends!!

Met up w the Clique and FAIZAL!!! Awesomeawesome ^^
Sorry Fai, I rly did not mean to oversleep on the day
I was supposed to send you off. Please don't hate me 8(

We then headed to Phuture! There was some F1 event thingy gg on..
Tix were gg @ 38 bucks O.O so..We tell ourselves, ITS THE F11111!
(Click on pictures for a clearer view)
So we were rather early, so sat around outside and headed in eventually
at about 11ish for drinks. Played 5-10 which I sucked majorly at
and I finished almost like more than half a jug losing at it.. )(*&^%$^&*

We show our love for one another.
HAHA, public affection.. Millie is so loved 8)

Yea was pretty much gone after these pics. Meeep, it sucks..
My tummy is getting worse, Gastric Flu D:
Have been puking for the whole of yesterday, had to go to the
doctor's and get an injection. Urghhh, so yucky..
Comb Science+Maths today officially sucks
After getting back results this eoys
I can go open mama shop with Natalie already luhhhh, pft.

Kk, need to repair my cam soon!
6 more days to Full-frontal FREEDOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM
So hairpee ^^, Rioghts Peace outttttt, Ta! xo