September 1, 2008


Hello Earthlings, I LUV BAYBEATS 2008!!!!
I can't believe I went for all 3 days,
so much for "Im gg on the last day only, last day last day.."
Ystd was awesomeeeeee, fun fun fun!!
What: Baybeats!!!!!, Play
Who: Crys Marc Ameer Millie Conrad Amelia? Sherman for Bbs
1001 others (im exaggerating) for Play. Haha
For more elaboration on Baybeats
please click for Crys's blog on your right ^^

Alright, so here are some pics that I've taken. Not all tho..
Rest will be posted on my Facebook, so do feel free to go look!
Albums are set to Public :)
Day 1- Vertical Rush

Day 2-Faspitch

Day 2- Electrico

Day 3- Caracal

I remembered saying I wished Baybeats would last for a month
and ended up getting scolded for being stupid..
Owell, @ least I ended my Aug w so much fun :D
Right, this post is turning into a composition. Im gna bore everyone :/
Pictures of Play coming up soon!
N level Chinese tomorrow, yikes..
K luvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvz!