September 15, 2008

Little Miss Muffet,

Hellowello Earthlings, terribly sorry for the delay in updates 8)
Either I got lazy or... I got lazier. Right, I was Lazy fullstop.


7 Years after the Pentagon crashed I met up w Dearest Jovene ^^

We ate and walked, ate and walked. We walked and walked and walked..
Bugis>Suntec>Marina Sq>Singapore Flyer>Esplanade>Boat Quay
>Clark Quay and finally, City Hall.. Yea we WALKED!!

Then on Thursday, we turned up @ Garie's to surprise him for his bday!

So for Faizal (in the middle) who's gg to NS on the following day,
We took these:

He's so loved. Aww
Friday met up w Vanns after 999999999999999 years!!
Huns, we forgot to take pictures. Meeeep, Haha luv U :)

Then on Sat, Yea we happy earthlings were in town..
'manymany people dangling' -as Yc would say.

We killed bout 4 hours outside Cine (ohgod) Waited for the rest
to arrive & so we entertained ourselves w the new sound system installed outside
which was slightly annoying cos they were repeating the music.

Then we went to Switch@ Butter Factory 8)
I blew a hole in my pocket on drinks,
Millie burnt a hole in my leggings and skin, Hole-yMoley o.o

I luv U Zoe.

I luv U Willie

2 monkeys, Gab & Kc.
Wouldn't stop flinging their arms around when they dance..
Damn funnyyyy

My 6 Vs Gab's 11, ohmy.

Check out that chunk of lard, Im so fat I wanna die, Seriously.

Its time to start my whole diet regime.. Sigh
Im so happy Lantern Festival is over, no more mooncakes to fatten me
Indulged in Haagen Dazs & Canele mooncakes, yummyyyy ^^
Sch for 2 days last week & 0 this week, Im feeling the holidays..
Yet, I have 4 more papers to go. "Oh hott Damn"

Lord of the Rings 1,2 & 3 is damn awesome!!!
Foogernanshensplat, damn random.

Camera Obscura w Crys crys crys!
Teehee, luv luv Byebye 8)