September 20, 2008


So yea, I had an awesome time at Phuture w usuals.
We were supposed to celebrate Gayren's bday but he got drunk @ 12ish..
manymany people 'died'. I didn't have much to drink so was perfectly sober ^^

I luv you both!! Hahahaha
Millie was so awesome last night, so many guys all wna knw her..
-inserts eye-raising face. Whoops 8)

Although I didn't burn a hole in my pocket last night,
KC burnt a hole on my hand..
Im beginning to have holes here and there on my body, neeeeh ):
But on the other hand, I had fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun :D
I realised last Thursday was prolly my last proper day in school..
Self holiday+Study break nxt week & then its exam time.
Soon, HOLIDAYS! Oh yea, oh yea, oh yea -does funky dance
Awrights, its time for everyone to hit the books!

Will be back very soon, xo!