September 4, 2008

So mysterious..

The 4-Ever Happy us! Luv everyone of U! ^^
So yesterday happened to be this Bitch's birthday..

Congregated @ town w everyone first before heading to Dhoby..

Dinner time!!
We waited for like around 40mins for a table at Cafe Cartel (PS)
Dinner was awesome (cept for stuffing myself full)
Fai, Dew and Shix has Tobasco shots 8) Should have seen their faces!
I've a video, but am damn lazy to upload :/

So they think they're damn cool...

Lastly, they're so in love w me. HAHAHAHAH
Im slightly satisfied w Eng tday, @ least a paper to not complain abt..
Facial in abit! Hahaha, whee. Im so happy cos it feels like N's are over,
BUT NO still've a few more papers to go!!

Sometimes I think guys are the biggest asswipes on earth.
(Garie, now I knw how you feel whn you post the Girls are blablabla thingy)
but don't worry I still luv you guys in the clique. Hee^^ dont kill me.

Owell, on a lighter note.. I GET TO SLEEP TILL L8 TMR.
I need sleep man, lots of em. .