September 11, 2008

Time to think out of the box, Mister.

For your information,
IS already on freaking sale
Someone reserved it months back.
How bout that? Is that CHILDISH enough for you?
I know you 'emphasize on major originality'
Why stress on the word SAME, its not like I copied you or anything.
and please, neither my life nor the world revolves
Why still brooding over those phrases when we both know thats its over,
& like you weren't the first to move on?
Everyone jolly well knows you won't hold out long w/o having a rlnshp ,
plus you're like a net where fishes (in this case) Girls come to you so easily
and soon enough another missy comes running along.
Don't bring out the past and try to put blames on
whatever 'misery/heartache' you're going through now on me,
cause Im know Im not the one who brought it upon you.
& sacarsm intended? Like I can't do that as well, geez.
How bout pulling yourself together and start acting like a real man.