October 17, 2008

Happy Birthday T

"oh pretty love don't worry,
with me you don't need a place to hide
so just sit real still, and the light will flood in over the hills"
So this was yesterday..
We da campers @ Haji, being there everyday of the week.
Uhhuh, uhhuh.

So apart from stealing Sup's skateboard I stole their bike too. Heh

A little celebration @ the playground
for Tammy before the party 8)

Hello Hande, if you ever see this Im telling you, hahah
You always look drunk/high everytime
even tho you didn't drink...Im serious!!!! Haha

Ystd wasn't as fun as the other days thooo,

BUT we enjoyed it! I had my head in the speakers,
stuffed Tammy's bag into the dustbin, got offered shots
which tasted like coconut juice, drowned in Orange vodka
cried cos kira said he was leaving and I was high. (*&^%$#

Tammy! Hope you had fun yesterday despite what happened 8)
My phone died on me today, this marks the end of it..
so I called my mother and.. Meet my new baby!

Yay its so friggin aweomse, it slides up like a Sidekick!!
Only its rather hard to use, but I shall try to get the hang of it ^^
Work tmr, meep meep meep.
I can't wait for Bitchfight @ Butter fact this Sat 8)