October 27, 2008

Its the Beat

"I watched you. You watched me.
I felt the beats in your heart."
Past two nights were tiring but yet very fun :)
Simian Mobile Disco was a blast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The music.. lights.. indescribable.
I rmb leaving our jug in the middle of the dancefloor, Haww

Thq Marisse for the pictures!!
Yesterday was fun too, although had a little tad much to drink
I ended up a little more grogg-ier than usual? Meep.

Happy Deepavali humans, should be turning in soon.
My throat hurts like a bitch and I have work tmr, sigh.

am looking forward to a (hopefully) more exciting week ,
Yesterday felt remotely familiar & strangely comfortable.
Peace out yaw ^^