October 20, 2008

She's like a Star

Well hello again earthlings, how's life?
Im @ work now, Haji's been pretty quiet.
Where has everyone gone to!!!? Haha, come haji to shop now!

Anw, here are pictures from Sat night
We ended up in Phuture (again) instead of Butter fact, hawww

Trust me, this isn't the last of Kenrick and his drunk faces.

Hande's signature dance moves.

I know this space has been exceptionally boring..
Pictures are all about the same D:
I promise more picz when I get my cam fixed!!!!

OHYES! I'll be heading to 3 countries this holidays!!
Guess where, guess where!
2 of which are shopping destinations and 1 for sightseeing/relaxing
(which also means.. more pictures!!!)
Am very psyched 8)
And lastly, best of luck to those taking O's!
I will be back soon ^^, Peace out yawwww