October 15, 2008

Sup-er Trouper

So.. Yours truly have been spending her week @ Haji lane
& am gna continue her life there for the next few days/months.
Haha I wonder when Im gna get sick of Haji and start missing town..
Anw, accompanied twinny/tammy @ her shop ystd.

Meow, I love cats luh. Haha Sorry Jovene, heh.

Haha the skateboard was awesome entertainmentttttt
I finally can balance on one ^^

Hi everyone, go to Sup & buy their Hoodies.
Its damn comfortable, seriously!!

Meet the Pita(?) bread from Mosi Cafe, freaking awesomeeee!
Haha 1 plate lasted me the whole day today
I'm planning to eat this everyday 8)
Yay ok I officially have a job now!!
Whoopee, say bye to boring days @ home!
I can't wait for tmr, Phuture again w the usuals :)

Cya again in a few hours, hahaha
*p/s Im in a huge dilemma!!!
I feel like dying my hair black again, urgh (*&^%$
how now, brown or black hair?