October 22, 2008


Some pictures from err.. Last week, hawww.

Pig nose, omg. Hahaha

I just love Photobooth, I want a Macbook now please?

Haji tday w Tammy Sx Kw Andrew Hande Wg..
Hahah its sucha chill place I can stay there like forever, whee~
So Tam & I spoke about making our own clothing.. heh
gna embark on our little material shopping trip this thurs ^^
Have been indulging in lots of food nowadays, am.so.angry.with.myself.
I get so stressed up weighing myself everyday, urgh.
Am v jealous when I see skinny people, jealous jealous ):
Can't wait to leave the country, seriously.
I need a break from sg, Im looking forward to my third one in Dec
A nice place to relax, away from everything else.
Urg, Dec hurry arrive ):
tmr will be a boring day, god bless me.
*p/s, Wanna know the lastest songs?
Click on the Nokia Music store banner abv 8)