October 10, 2008

Yay, its the Holidays 8)

Hi humans, A little back dated post for this week..


We the happy few headed to town for fun
The happy us: Crys Dew Marc Yicong & Me

So after sitting at Spins we headed to the old house..
The roof actually caved in after so long, the house is dying!!

then then we throw stones then the angmoh scold
then we off their house electricity
then they chased us through town shouting like buttocks
then I jumped into the bush
and hide then the guys ran
then Crys was alone then I found crys
then they called police
then Crys and I waited then then then yea..
I forgot what I did on Tuesday
Town w girlfriends, we caught Eagle Eye!
Freaking awesome show, very very awesome 8)

We had Sakae for dinner & Kyla wasn't satisfied and needed
to have something sweet so we went to Canele where she had crepes.

Headed for Phuture after that and had lots of fun!!
I was superhero that night saving the drunk souls, hoho
Pictures when I get them !

Haji to meet Tammy and look for a job
I was satisfied w what I found, hopefully I can work on long term basis 8)
Kw came, Alvin and then the rest.
Homeclub drink and drop by Chris's event,
(no picture no fun, will post pics when I get em..)
I just dyed my hair today 8)
Can't wait for tmr, fingers crossed!!
Peace out, yawwwww xx