November 30, 2008

Big and Bulky, Me.

No camera= No pictures= Boring posts, sigh
My poor cam ): Chewing gum boy, sorry for troubling you D:
What to do, Im a mass murderer of technology..
I predict my Htc to die in a few months time o.o

So in short of what's been going on so far:
- Bangkok trip POSTPONED.
Oh the horror! Goodbye to my whole list of things to buy ):

- Caught, Wildchild (awesome!) Madagascar 2 (friggin hilarious highly recommend!!)
Angus Thongs & perfect snogging (hahhaha nice)

Quantum of Solace (waste of time & money) Quarantine (hyperventilated but was nice)

- Eyy... Im turning nocturnal?

- & probably sumo as well, sigh. I need a good diet *&^%$#@

- Butter factory, butter factory, butter factory.
Anyone's been to Zirca???????? I heard its pretty nice!

Today was rather, enjoyable.
I did a little shopping, I gave up my kate spade/coach wallet
for clothes at Topshop. But I'm kinda satisfied... I got:
Coated Skinnys, I dont wear jeans but I like collecting em.. HAHA
Boa printed leggings, & 2 oversized tops ^^ Yay.

I like oversized tops cos they hide my body.

Since I haven't got pictures, shall share this videoooo.
I love the song 8)

Enjoy your week guys!
will update soon again (with pictures this time!!)
Ta! xo