November 9, 2008

Flu is Boo D:

Hello there Earthlings,
how your weekend?

I spent mine today lying in bed suffering
from Gastric Flu (for the 3456789876th time)
puking non stop (ew I know)
My parents were nagging @ me the whole day
about my irregular/lack of meals #$%^&*
But its so frustrating, I hate to eat. I don't like eating ):
(Hello Jo who's having the same thing as me, tc k!!)

On a brighter side, I ill be leaving to my 1st holiday destination
in a few hours time! (omg excited!!!)
But thats if i get better, cos if not I might cancel the trip...
Im gg to...

Im so excited, heh. Im leaving for the airport at like 6am
but I've yet to pack my clothes, god bless me.
I haven't got the strength to stand ):

Hopefully I will recover by then, cross my fingers.
Will be back.. When I get back ;)
Surprise surprise! Will miss you all truckloads yes?
Take care people, don't get into trouble. Heeeeee
lovelovelove xo!!