November 25, 2008

Let there be Morning

Hello Earthlings,
After more than half a month Yours truly is finally back!
I took a short break after my Hongkong trip from cyberworld.. heh
Anyhoos, pictures from the past few weeks..

Phuture on Jocelyn's birthday! Real long time ago :/

& this was Hongkong (:
Real little pictures cos I borrowed Tammy's cam and I didn't
have the charger for it so the battery kinda like died after 2 days..

Ladies Market. Hate this place so much!!
It was like filled with people with no manners and they just pushed
their way through plus Hey Im not that skinny they can't possibly
NOT see my fat ass blocking their way but they still barged past me
like @#$%^. Hello? Its not like people were giving money away or smthg..

The fishes were suffering from being traped in such an enclosed bag.
Seriously, someone should save them. They're damn poor thing!!!

& some temple we visited :/
I have so many more pictures but they're in my cuz's cam.
Hk was pretty much so-so, I didn't shop till I drop.. Maybe cos of the
weather? The clothing were all for the winter season & I wouldn't wna
wear like some wool-y sweater in Sg.
I-will-die x.x
But, I kinda enjoyed Hk. It was more like rehab or smthg for me.. Haha
Forced to eat, forced to sleep.. :/

Then on Sat..
Vivo w Clara to meet, Kyla Vans Charm (after so looong)
I had my Reese frm Candy Empire, it was damn awesome!!! Haha
Then to town to meet the others (:
Meet the, face.

Im damn lazy to rotate the picture. HAHA
Thanks M for the 'expensive' treat for all of us @ NYDC love.
Yay 3 more days till I go on my 2nd holiday destination!
Its short but I assure you, Shopping shopping and more shopping 8)
Omg, 100x more psyched than Hongkong I tell you ^^
Anyhoos, will reply all cmnts asap.
Hope you people had fun these few weeks!
Goodnight folks xx