November 5, 2008

Something for the sleepless souls.

Have you ever wanted to go:
Somewhere away from here, somewhere far
somewhere you put your worries in a box and throw them away.
where you can be anyone you want
lead life completely different on how you used to
& enjoying every second of your time on earth

I miss,
skipping stones on a lake with clear waters
lying under the night sky blanketed with stars
waking up every morning breathing the fresh mountain air
inhaling the scent of wild lavanders painted in purple and pink
running on an endless field with no worries.
Oh the euphoria..
How I wish to go back again.. someday maybe.
Hopefully December wouldn't be a disappointment :/

Gosh Im so random at times, Im feeling wordymurdy today
anyhoos, Rest well people. Goodnight (:

ps/ sorry humans I just changed my cmnt box
so all comments are like gone o.o