December 17, 2008

Day Eight

Back again Earthlings, tday is my last day here
@ this clubhouse which provided salvation (Wi-fi)
for me after being cut out frm cyberworld for almost a week..
Thank god. Heh

Ok anw, I shall blog bout the place Im staying in.
Its called......

Its like a whole estate of bungalows.. Damn awesome!!!!
We have super huge bedrooms w huge walk in closets
and even our own garage!!! Hehe so exciting.

So this is our crib ^e

My super duper fantastically big bedroom I had to myself
before my parents arrived the day after ): The bed was heaven~~

Right outside the house was the........ BEACH!
Just outside, directly outside. Omgggg this can be anyone's dream home!
We get to wake up every morning enjoying the sea breeze!
Haha soooooo nice (:
Ok I have only these few pictures to show you people tday
I wish I could show more tho but my lappy is running low on batt (again)
But i promise more when I find another wireless hotspot!
(or when I get back..)
Oh yea, TAN SHIXIONG! Can U plan smthg for christmas plz!!!!!!!!
And yet again, I miss everyone dearly ): Gosh
Heh, cmnts replied! Have a good week,
gna head over to our BBQ by the beach. Hehehehe ;)
Luv u people (:
*ps, sorry for disfiguring my post w oversized pics.
Blogger was being a bitch and I had to resort to photobkt
and pb was being an idiot cos th pic sizes were retardedly huge.
and now my com's lagging like an idiot. I WANT A MACBOOK!

Ok ciao! 8)