December 7, 2008

I are teef ;)

School Invasion @ Singapore Poly + Bolt.

Heh, it was awesome I had fun. Crys and I had a good
laugh at Force Vomit... sorry I didn't really like their songs :/
And Happy birthday Marc again, you r one lucky boy
Whole SP knws its your birthday alr. Niceeee

But nontheless, Im a happy girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hehe
Crys!!! Pm me online asap :D
(will upload the rest of pics of bands soon)
Im still pretty upset over my dear phone, sigh ):
But I managed to get another phone to use, Sony ericsson C905
I hate the buttons, but the phone's pretty chic.
Hopefully mum would get me another phone after xmas/my 3rd trip..

Speaking of my trip, only 3 more days. Heh
Enjoy your weekends people, xo!