December 29, 2008


I regarded the world as such a sad sight
Until I viewed it in black and white
Then I reviewed every frame and basic shape
And sealed the exits with caution tape
Don't refocus your eyes in the darkness
And don't remember this place unless
I describe all the things that you cannot see
And we'll unravel the mystery;

Happy Monday Earthlings! Last monday (holiday) till its back to school..
Its getting rather disturbing.. the thought of s-c-h-o-o-l.

Has everyone got their stuff for school yet? I got stationaries today
I like shopping for new pens/pencils/markers etc.. makes me happy
I like using new things. Don't you? But i tend to lose em, I cant seem to
keep track of my stationaries. I'll end up w one measly pathetic pen at the
end of the year. How niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
I've yet to get my shoes yet. Im thinking Vans...I think?
Can't get enough of it.. I love my black one (most versatile pair)
Mum loves em too, Yea my mum wears my vans. Hahaha
Mostly the black tho, she doesn't touch the red and yellow. She claims
she's too old for such 'coloured' shoes.. Right.
Anyhoos, I dyed my hair again today. More of a darker shade :/
I half heartedly wanted to keep my prev hair color for school
to like see if I passed the hair check but nahhh so gna get busted.

Boss called me, I've work tmr. I'll still be working whn sch starts too
Thn prolly St James afterwards look for the others..
Yeappp ok, Im done for tnight. Super wordy post, gah
Enjoy yr week!!! Gd nightttttttttttttttt xo!