December 27, 2008

So I thought..

Hello there Earthlings, how's your day?
Its a saturday night and Im well.. home, bummer.

Anw I met up w girlfriends last night- Clara, Kyla, Nat
I couldn't help but admit that they made the most of my yesterday
've missed you girls so much!!!!! & also the other classmates ):
This year we've been through so much
we laughed, we cried. We laughed, till we cried
Clara and I were'Vice- Chairperson/s' , shouting and screaming
when the class was noisy and everyone would join in. Hahahah
Then there were all those brutal water fights where everyone got wet.
How nice, I kinda miss 401.

On 18th of Dec, I got my results. They're well.. surprising
I wouldn't say fantastic but yea, I could live with it
Then yesterday it hit me, I had to choose to stay or not.
And after much contemplation................................................
I've decided:
Say Hello to blue pinafores and blouses all over again.
Yes, Im going back to schoolllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll
Idk if Im supposed to be happy saying this but oh well.. Hahah
Not ready to throw my secondary school life away!

So yeap, I'll get to spend one last year with you girlies!!!!!!!!
Its sucha last minute decision, can't believe Im doing this.
Im happy I came to a decision, but on the other hand
Say byebye to my dyed hair and manicured fingers, urgh.
Oh well, school's school. .

Enjoy your weekend people, cya around xx!