December 5, 2008


WOOLALA, virgin blog entry yo ! Donna ran out of ideas as to what she shld blog about, so lousy right. Nevermind that, i shall spice up her boring highstreet cos i think half the ponies are dead alr. Oh did i mention that she's super crazy and PEOPLE ! becareful not to allow any technological gadgets fall into hands of ms goh. She's a notorious murderer of such devices like DSLRs and Touch Screen phones.
Anyways, i dont see how i can make this post any interesting, i feel dumb cos its the first time i actually sat in front of the computer to blog. And honestly its kinda fun, but really antagonizing, wa lao i feel dumb can. Now i know what they mean by "i dont know what to blog about leh". Which then brings us to the fact, that Donna actually has done a fantastic job in keeping this blog alive. So to all the flame-ers, SHOO go away, i dont like you ! And if you wanna come find me, by all means come, hahahahaha, you know whr to find me. XOXO chewing gum boy !
Donna i feel stupid now, i dont know what else to blog about. Oh Damn !
Oh and your not fat, stop thinking of crazy diets cos YOUR NOT FAT ! if your fat oprah winfrey's like the hippo's cousin. haha i think i shld stop talking nonsense, scarly you lose all your readership seh ! cos they prefer mine. hahahah which is impossible. But who knows right ! ppl might just drop comments on this post and ask me to start my own blog. But its damn gay, i think guys who blog are super gay (no offence seriously to anyone, i swear i dont mean anything !) just imagine, but its quite catchy ! woo i might consider eh.
Okay, i'm gg to stop hereeeeeeee random much, but it was fun i think ! hahahaha BYE EVERYONE.

Oh and they call me B (: