December 9, 2008


Yawwww Earthlings, so Im back w tons of pictures.
Be prepared.. Im gna bore you with pictures of my face, heehee.

Okay so here's pics frm SP.. and also those frm Crys's cam!

Hahaa we got really bored halfway during the show.. it wasn't
all that awesome. I soooo preferred baybeats like 1000x more :/
And on Sunday, it was...

Steve Aoki @ Zouk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Best shit ever, I so wna marry him although he's soo much older
but he's damn awesome I love him I love him I love him~~~
The crowd was so damn awesome, so many songs fwahhhh
this beats Simian hands down..

I spent almost 30 mins queueing w this drunkard so
he could get his shirt but wasted it all as he ended up
quarelling w aoki over sizes and didnt get any in the end -.-

Worst aftermath tho..
Heavy rain, was freezing and shivering like nobody's business
Tammy and I were dying , almost the whole world
was fighting for a cab. Nabbed Kc's jacket, he was sooo gone
quite a show when he's drunk tho, hahaha.
Managed to get a cab thanks to Mart, cabbed back w Feo (spf!!)
Nevertheless, Best Night EVER @ Zouk 8)
Anw, in another 7 hours I will be heading to Haji for awhile..
and after that to the airport to catch a flight to Australia!!!!!!!!!!
Sigh this is gna be a long trip...

Im so ):
The boys & esp the girls, I had so much fun doing the
msn emoticon dance w Ally Erica & Tessa last night.
Haha omg almost died laughing, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
& lastly I feel like dying cos I haven't got a cam to bring along w me.
Im so dreading-this-trip, ahh -pulls hair and runs around the room
This post is getting real wordy.. Might post 1 last post later
if I have the time. If not then maybe whn I get my hands on a com
in Aus, heh heh heh. Watch this space ;)

Till then, Gd luck for those collecting their results for N's
(I dont even knw the release date and im so not collecting mine)
and Happy Holidays humans!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo luv!
*Updated, heh heh heh flight plan's changed ;)