January 25, 2009


Greetings, earthies. A few more hours till its officially Chinese New year!
And I bet my bottom dollar that everyone's looking forward to monayeeee
Right right? Hahahaha tell you guys something, I am too ^^

Anyhoos, Im halfway through sorting out pixz and have yet to get some
but yessss I feel a proper post coming up soon. Sorry to keep you guys waiting!
Yeap yeap, So I hope you people have had your evening/night planned out
with the reunion dinner etc etc.. anyone heading to Chinatown
to squeeze with sticky and sweaty people?
Hahah good luck, please watch your bags.
Im about to head for dinner soon, I pray that I wouldn't eat too much.. Heh heh

Well enjoy your holidays darlings, the next will be March (Feb's a boring month -.-)
Happy Chinese NIU Year (quote from Millie haha) in advance!
Much Luv, Pony X


Click to enlarge.

Yay, will be making use of Sat to rid of clothes that I don't wear anymore!
So yes humans, those who've been following from Playingforlove.Lj,
I'll be selling clothes that you see there! All worn mostly once or twice only
still in rly good condition ok(:

Crys/Ohjunkos will be selling their DIY stuff!!!!
You can get a brief idea of what they're gna be selling on their blog!
Link's on the side (:

Yepyepyep, do head down this Sat yes!!!! :)