January 28, 2009

Life, is Overrated.

I feel mentally disorientated @ the moment...
Chinese New Year for me this year isn't one bit fun/exciting/ etc etc..
(any words that I can associate to fun)
The boredom level in my life is getting from bad to worst..
I'm dreading school so so so badly, cos I have a teacher losing his
marbles in class. He's sucking the life out of me day by day.
I wanna fall horribly sick so I get to stay home and sleep
and not give a damn shit bout the world at all.
Im so angry with myself cos I haven't been able to stick to
my diet plans and I'm dying to lose weight..

Sometimes its not my fault but to find consolation in pampering myself
Sometimes I wished that my mother would take me out
like most mothers would with their daughters.
Sometimes I feel that I'm actually lonelier than I think I am.
I feel that even I, don't know myself