January 1, 2009

Luv, Pony.

Hello Earthlings, my super late post for the year 2009.
Heh heh, 've been rly lazy to update..
And yep, here it is!
2008's New years Day.

I posess the power to talk to marine animals, heheheheh

Clique's Uniform day out 08. Hahahaha ey lets do it again this year!

Mr Cheng Long long, Missing since forever...........

Reunion dinner!!!!!

The day we watched P.S I Love You, yea I cried like no tomorrow
And the book was 10x better, tsk.

There was this period, I got obsessed w ice skating I spent like
my entire week at Kallang.. What was I thinking, hahaha

Then then somewhere around mind year, parents were out of town
super happy life for me. Happy happy joy joy ^^
But they returned eventually, no happy nor joy... ok not rly. heh

Kaisheng: "Doughhhhhhhhhhhhnuttttt"
"Donna ass so big... etc etc" HAHA Classic man kaisheng
You never changed. Hahahahahahahahahahahhahahaha

meow oink meow, I will nv forget you ok Mr Han.
I became a hoodie thief, I stole Louis hoodie.

thanks for the bday surprise!!!! I had fun, finally I turned 16 -.-

Meet Crys my gig partner, hehehhehehehehe
Artsy Fartsy Millie Willie.


Hehe 2009, Yicong turned bald.
Happy Bday Singapore, the day we planned a picnic.
The day half the picnic food finished before reaching our destination
the day we watched fireworks and ate sushi, donuts.
They day we sang and walked frm Sg Flyer to Haji Ln.

Baybeats 08 was da shitzxzxzxzx, best ever. Hahaha

Haha at dew, haha at Fendi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Haha again at dew. HAHAH dew what were you trying to be?

Surprise surprise Garie (shrimpy)!!!! Hahaha

Meet, Boyfriend and Girlfriend... (above)

Finally, the exams are overrrrrrrrrr
Party, party, partyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HAHA NV FORGET THIS DAY, stupid angmoh chasing us
cos dew the hero cut off the electricity supply to their house.

Cong I knw what you're thinking ;) hehehehe

Tammy turned 17!

Akira Im gna slap your face! Why you looking at me like tht?

I found a twin...............

More parties......... Simian Mobile Disco!!!!!!!!!!! Awesome.

Forever Hande..

Slightly disappointed for Halloween, but nevertheless.. we had fun!
Shall prepare for nxt year, heh heh heh.

3 best emoticon dance pals/photobooth ninjas!!!!! HAHA
And Steve Aoki was the best of the best, love him to bits and pieces!
So this pretty much sums up my 2008..
First half of the yr was an emotional roller coaster, then there's
always a time for us to let go.
The invisible force that wound up tightly around me vanished
I felt free..... I was proud of myself, I was happy with myself.
Also I've met a whole buncha new friends, perhaps lost a few old ones
well.. people move on with life. Somewhere out there Im sure they'll feel happier

2009, opens a whole new chapter.
As the day goes by, every page fills up with adventures
when we look back, each of it becomes a special memory.
Before we knw it, another year is gone.
Its amazing how time flies yea? Hahaha oh well.
Anw my New year resolution:
LOSE WEIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Its been my resolution since I have no idea when, urgh.
Hopefully its gna happen omg ):

So yes, I hoped everyone enjoyed the welcoming of 2009,
Good luck in making your resolutions come true!
I've so much more to post (aussie pics, pixs, photobooth vids HAHA)
but not all in one. I will update those again real soon ;)

Goodnight world, Enjoy your weekend ^^