January 4, 2009

Seventeen Foreverrrrrrrrrrrr

Haaaaiii Earthlings, How's the 5th day of yr 2009 been?

Pixz abv were from New Years Day. We had DIY BBQ @ Eastcoast w everyone!!!
Sadly we didn't see no fireworks, only heard them but we had fun :) Yay
Haji for Marv's surprise bdayyy. I almost had the shock of my life cos
I left my wallet at Bugis & I didn't realise till like an hour plus later.

So headed for Phuture after so long, omg missed it soooo much!
It was super duper awesome, had the most fun ever.

Zoe was superrrrrr gone, Babe you were falling all over the place!

I was fine till I had more to drink thanks to Marco & Miguel... Murderers!
Poor Marisse! Her jeans had one huge holeymoley, fwah.
Kenric and the rest joined us later and yeaaaaaaaa
I had my favourite zouk hotdog (best ever) heh so happy ^^
Been so long since I had such fun (:
Tmr's a Monday, also first day of school for me
(I didn't go last friday cos im too cool.. hahah! no ok cos I didnt feel like it)
IM SO PISSED, cos I've no new bag, new pencil case, new shoes.
Its soo sad yknow, like new year and we would go YAY new things!!!!
But nawwww, not for me. Pft, the horror.. I give myself a week more to
get the stuff I need or I will not forgive myself.

Btw, 1 of the many photobooth vid we did.. I get damn excited over photob.

And cos Im ugly like that. Hehehe

Ok anw, I ought to turn in soon.. Gna meet the girlies tmr, oyeaoyea
Happy Monday peeps, enjoy yourself!
Ciao :)