January 14, 2009

And they all said...

Yawwww earthies!!! Im back w some pictures! :)
Ohsofickle/Tammy's boutique opening on the 10th!
(cos having a membership card is toooo coool T.T)

Long lost girlfriend who broke up w me on facebook leaving me
brokenhearted and feeling lost and helpless.. Heh heh heh ^^
(click to zoom/view it in larger scale)
Cause Marisse & I were bored w virtual msn we had LIVEchat.
HAHAHA -inserts dancing white rabbit emoticon.

I luvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv the hat. Luv luv luv, so happy I bought it.
credits to marisse for the pixz abv! :)
Soon Im about to be a part time resident in Haji ln.

cos Im super ugly in Haji I shan't post any pixz of myself, heh heh.
School's a bore (wow what's new) I tend get super moody cos im always
tired and my eyes are always -_- I.need.to.start.sleeping.early.
& I just begged my mother for a new phone... I hate C905. H8 IT
She's considering.... Im keeping my overweight fingers crossed :S

Oh and did I mention, I put on weight. URGH, am so pissed cause I
just can't stop eating. All I ever do now is EAT, EAT, EAT. Curses..
OH WELLL, like I always said it sucks to be me. I wanna be skinny!
Yay! back to Jean Yip tmr for my hair, been ages since I've had a good trim..
Treatment, and maybe Im gna curl my hair (finally!!!) but still contemplating tho :/
Anw, Have fun people in school ( I know I won't) I shall turn in soon.
Goodnight, Ta! X