February 16, 2009

Gravity, Release me

Evening peopleeeeee~~~ Hw's yr Tuesday!!!!!!
Mine's boring, I spent my day home pigging out as usual.
(so much for dieting, I should rly shoot myself)
Anyhoooos, pixz from V'day! :)

Headed over to Haji to look for Marisse, my vday date ;)
Babe, hope you're feeling better alr!! ^^
@ the same time went over to Kw's shop whr I met
Fai Crys Kw Marc Ameer Sufi...
Hahahahahahaha my leoprinted heart and crys's heart and diamond.
Fai's cut-out nips, hahahahahahahahaha.
Then cabbed over to Bali House to meet gfs for dinner!
Yay quite a meal... I loved my pork thingie w rice and bacon bits
yumyumyum~ Ok enough with food.

So they ordered a Waterfall.....
Hahahaha after several attempts the cups still didnt say.
Therefore, Clara=FAIL. Hahahaha ^^

Hoho good luck to them. But the drink looked damn cool, vrahhh.

Meeeh, I had so much fun that night. We ALL actually met up :)
Nat & Celeste went a little haywire after the drinks
Yayy, let's do this again. This friday this friday!!!!!!! Heh
Stayed till bout 9plus before heading to Zouk w Tammy
Pictures r still w her tho so yep.. Hahahaha
Alright, some updates on FLEA.FLY.FLO.FUN.
Think.. Studs!!!
Main item would be shoes, something like the one below
Credits to Crys! I haven't got an example but it will be smth like that.
But firstly I would like to know if ya'll would be interested?
Cos if there isn't a huge demand for it I wouldn't do much so yep!
Do comment or mail me @ severedheartstrings@hotmail.com
latest by Thurs yes? Spankewwwwwww :)
Wokeydokey, my job is done! Enjoy yr week peeps