February 23, 2009

Shoot You

Sooooo today, I spent:
1 hour in school
3 hours on the Oscars
2 hours on facebook
1 hour waiting
3 hours slaying zombies
I would say other than spending 3 hours of my time
getting a kick out of killing shitass zombies on the computer,
the rest of my Monday was- Shitty.
I'm beginning to get sick and tired of life, so boring sometimes
i really feel like dying. How nice, I get to sleep forever T.T

Meeeeeh, Everything is practically sucking the living daylights out of me
bit...by bit. Meeeh soon they'll be none left, No reason to live anymore
Oh and did I mention, I hate school so much I feel like quitting.
Yea, maybe I should.

I want Ikea Meatballs ):
Would u like to get me some?