March 3, 2009


Hai its Tuesday, Happy Tuesday peeeeeeeeeepz
My com is recuperating from some memory problem,
I've far too much things in it that its lagging. Urgh
after I've transferred some of the stuff to my external hard drive
then I will start uploading em pictures ^^

7 more sch days, and it will be the HOLIDAYS, hiakhiakhiak
Hopefully I get a micro-dermal done! Can't wait~~~
And Im thinking of scapling my ear, have thought abt it since last yr
but............ then I won't be able to wear earrings )':
&& continue my tattoo. Sigh so many thingsss
I wna get Vans toooo, am thinking green & blue
need to get clothes also, I've nothing to wear alr
Bummer.. my life is so sad.
Can't wait for the weekends, tho I knw I don't enjoy much
@ least I get to stay out of sch and see my palzzz!

Meeeeh, enjoy yr day humans