March 19, 2009

Fever i know you've come to take my love

Afternoon folks, how's yr week going..?
Anw, I've decided to upload some pizx for the meantime
am gna try to stop sounding angsty on my blog.. Mhm mhm.
Awright, anw here are some pics from a few weeks back
Shopping w SkinnyBoy, neoprints (our ritual ^^V)
and then Left 4 Dead, mawhawwwww. I luv killing zombies :B
Daryl Yow, U r one white boy. Vampire!!!!!!!!!!

And not forgetting Nat the number 1 Drama Queen. Hahaha
Well, I had fun with them girlies and always will :)
So fast forward to Romp 4 on Sunday.
I hope those who went down that day had fun..
tho it was effing crowded packed like don't know what
stuffy as hell, eeks sweaty people everywhere. yuckyuckyuck
So we were there pretty early, Winebar for some drinks first
then camwhore, snapsnapsnap~~~

my hair is growing into my eyes..
I know I can cut it but... im trying to grow it now and if I pin it
my face will look like some backside so yes.

We managed to get a spot at the Nest, thanks to Tams and Althea
Got away from the sweaty crowd (thank god)

My dear brother Manfred and Feo were there toooo, hahaha

Dewwwww, my backside/bestfriend
no matter how you betrayed me and scold me and beat me
I still will love you ok.
Marisse/Mother you look damn cute here, haha
Well for Fai............................... I have nothing to say. Really..

Tammmmm now we can be twins again, hahahaha!

The two who are always up to no good. Hahahahahaha
Stoner and gangster wannabe.. tsktsk
Ladies Night last night was good, another one of the best nights ever
somehow I always find Ladies night more fun...
Drank to my heart's content, nope wasn't drunk but enough to
drink most of my troubles awayyyyyyyyy and forget everything.
Mhm, I had fun. Yes I had fun, love all you zouk palsssssss ;)

I was supposed to go for some golf competition today but
somehow it was cancelled cos somehow the trees @ the country club
collasped and it's closed for a week.
Thank god for trees, I dont have to play hahahahahaha.
So Daddy's taking my brother and I out today,
we're gna watch Paulfatty something cop.. YAY so excited
Hope it makes me happier~~
And then St James for work :/ Meeeeeeeeeeeh

Enjoy your Thurs humans, Ta!