March 16, 2009

Grungy Laundry

Haiiiiiii Earthlings! How's yr Mondayyyyyyy?
Im suffering from a super mambo jumbo gastric ache :'(
Ahhhhhh ):
Anw here are pictures from Sat!
Grungy Laundry opening@ Haji Lane! Do go drop by whn you're there :)
I had a blast, an almost complete clique gathering ^^V
& sheesha had never been any better.. whoohoo so fun mangotangoo!
Alrighty, picture time!!!!

My fav picks out of the bunch:

Fuckkkkkk I can't stand it. I wna lose freajking weight ):
Any ideas on how I can lose lots of weight, TELL ME NOW!

Heh heh Im looking in the camera~~~

1) ..

Des thinks his photography skills r so kewlzxzxz.

We headed to Zirca right after, but ended up in Zouk :/
That night wasn't that fun.. haha ohwell.
Yesterday was funnnn, omg best underaged party ever!
(so ironic) but yeh. Hahaha
Will upload em pictures soon when I save them from fb :)
Today was productive! Haha I brisk walked and jogged for 2 hours ^^V
Well I didn't exactly jog alot, more like walk jog walk jog.
I was walking Snowy (Clara's dog) so tiring! More like the dog walking me T.T
But it was fun, gna exercise for the whole week :)
Lastly, Im gna be good and turn in early tonight!
Have to wake up @ 7plus tmr and head to Safra
gna take my Golf theory and PC test :'(
Wish me luck!!!!!! Haha yay Goodnight peopleeeeeee :)