March 8, 2009

The pains of being pure at heart

Happy Sunday Earthies~~~~ How's yr weekend?
Just as I was complaining bout the rain ystd, its bloody hot today T.T
So.... I decided to upload pixz that I have so far. Mhm :/
So this was Shixiong's bday on 18th Feb! We surprised him @ Zouk
I stayed for the whole night (it was a wednesday, mind you)
that was also the last time I went there till tday :'( haha
Buttt was one of the best nights ever!!!!! Heh heh so fun :)

Tom Yam Shots... They literally smelt like Tom Yam. No kidding!
Lucky thing I didn't take any, whaaa I would have died.
& I bet it sucked, hahaha.

Look @ Kenrick's face. Hahaha so poor thing

Fai the hopeless drunk, really fail. Hahaa

I have no comments for them tho.. Hahahaha.
Oh and when Fai's drunk, he tends to be attracted to people of the same sex.


I hope you had fun that night sx! Hahaha
I almost died in sch the next morning, was like a walking zombie o.o
Mhmm, few days later I was bored with my hair
so I decided to snip snip snippity snip it, and now I look like ...
Yeaaaaa ok so this was on a Friday, the girlies and I went outtttt

We caught Slumdog Millionaire, it wasn't THAT nice
I still don't knw how it managed to win so many Oscars :/

Errrrr.......... okayyyyyyy. Haha

I have the messiest hair ever, look at my fringe ):
We had Sarpinos for Dinner, DONT EVER GO TO THE ONE @ MERIDIAN
the service sucks big time!!!!! I had to get the menus and ask for cutleries etc..
Then over to Bali House, opened bottle and played Indian Poker hee hee

The rest left then Kyla Clara and I walked to town.
This is me with my messy and uneven bangs and a very flushed face.
But Im perfectly sober alright. Hah
Love you girlsssssssssssss to bits!!!!!!!! <3
So this was on a Saturday! We all met up @ Cathayyyyyy

Ben and Jerry's for Ice cream w brownies and waffles! Yum yum :)

& to those who are having ice cream cravings... here's smthg to tempt you

HEH HEH HEH don't get too hungry yes?
And this was Flea.Fly.Flo.Fun @ Homeclub!
I didn't have time to make those shoes so rly sorry to those
who came down/mailed me for them! Sorrrrrrry x a million :'(

We had loads of studded itemssss~~~ Haha studs studs poke youuu.
Meet my retarded friend, Akira Ong.

Hahahahaha even tho Im in love with yr sister and u look like
an idiot here I still will love you ok?
Crys crys crys cryssss, miss uuuuuuuuu ):

We da mooooose-tache peeeeeople ^^V

Dew says:

Time for a pedicureeeee~~~~~~ Haha
Yay thanks to those who came down that day :)
(tho I didn't even sell anything, hahahahahahahahaha)
For more stuffs from the flea that day go to
Yesterday was a productive Sat :)
Watched My Bloody Valenting 3D with 11 other best buds
super gruesome and gory, I wanted to die cos the murderer
pops out from no where. Not for the faint hearted, hahaha.

Oh and I managed to get my wallet! YAY x1000000000 ^^
&& today, I bought Yoga and Aerobics dvds.. they're supposed
to help me lose weight, HAHAHAHA I can't imagine me doing them.
I bought Juno too! I watched it like a few times and I didn't get
sick of it! I can watch it like a million more times ;)
Ouhkayeee, my business is done here!
I'll be back :) Tmr's a mon, bummer...
ONE MORE WEEK TO HOLIDAYS!!!!!!! muahahahahaha
Yay love you peeps, X :)