March 7, 2009

Thunder, Rain, Thunder
Can the weather get any more gloomy and boring?
Blogger's being a bitch, I alr had the mood to blog and its
not allowing me to upload picxz, whaaaa so annoying!!!!!!
I'll try again later or smth.

Last night,
1) I dreamt that I managed to attend Coldplay (!!!!!!) but they
didn't sing Lovers in Japan which pissed me off.
2) I also dreamt I was in L4D and (if ya'll watched Push) yea I had
the power that Camille Belle has T.T
I feel sooo retarded. Hahahaha
Yesterday was fun, shopping w Daryl. I got my long awaited YSL purse :)
Got a little from Topshop and Tam's boutique @ FEP
Then L4d w girlfriends and movie w buddiessssss, will upload em pixz!
I finally got my Prada wallet, and she's threatening to sell it for Idk what reason
and I was so pissed off I cried and she still can joke around with me. URGHHHH
I wna die alr..
Boring post boring me boring day boring life..
Meeeeeeh will be back real soooon, enjoy tday humans, rmb yr umbrellas!