March 21, 2009

We have got to Trust ourselves.

Its gna be a rainy saturday~~~
Bummer, it sucks when it rains on weekends. Urgh ):
Awrighty Earthies, here are pixzx from Wednesday :)
Went to Kyla's house in the afternoon to play Guitar Hero
and check out her messy room.. hahaha so many hidden treasures.
Then Clara Kyla Vanessa and I made our way to Vivo

Then we photobooth-ed @ Topshop. I can NEVER get enough of photobooth
HAHA reminds me of my stupid alien video (omg)

Heh heh, then Food Republic for Hokkien Mee!
Have ya'll ever tried it? It used to be super nice, but
sadly the standards are dropping.. not nice anymore ):

Then over to Fep to meet girlfriends and palsssssss
and then to Zouk! Yay
That night was happy night, had so much fun w everyone ^^V


Freda! Why you so angry!

HAHA Twinny.


Yeppppp it was a great night :)
Gah, 2 more days till school re-opens. Boohoooo sucks
I can't wait for June Holidays now cos I'll be gg to Bangkok
Mhm, my dad's complaining cos I've been coming home in
the morning for the past few weeks... Walao holidays eh ):

Anw, hopefully tonight we'll have fun!
Last bit of enjoyment before going back to school :/
Hope everyone is gna enjoy to their fullest today!
Ciao people, X