April 14, 2009

Always (try to) Look on the Bright Side of Life, doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo

OMG YESSSSS, my patience paid off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pictures are finally up up uppity up ^^V
14th April, LA RIOTS at HOMECLUB.
it was the bombbbbbbb, had a great time.
Music was two thumbs up!
Manfred is up to somethingggg

We 2 r so retardeddddd \m/
I had so much fun!!!! then then I banged into this woman
so hard I swore she had a second thought to kick my ass or something.

Macs for breakfast, I couldn't stop laughing cos Marisse wouldn't
stop re-enacting this guy who came up to her when she was outside
alone smoking w Ciwei and went like..
Guy: Hey are you guys staying here?there's gna be a show to watch!
then he went to fight w some people. hahahahaha so crazy!!
Then yesterday I went over to Haji to accompany Marsss
I got shoes and blazers from OSF,
(Tammy you better give me membership card already )
Dingxuan and I saw so many people gg through the sale baskets
so we were so excited and went to dig also
dig dig dig dig dig, but couldn't find anything nice D:

her shoes were damn nice, so coooool so dope
walk must lift your legs so high, high and touch the sky~~

Pic1) Marisse's companion and bestfriend when she's alone
Pic2) M: "So hot, I very tired eh donna...." tsktsk.

Leon came, then we headed to gardens where we met
fai sx kenric ameer and kc. SECOND ATTEMPT FOR L4D FAILED
it was so late I had to go home cos I had school. Bummer -.-
Ohvellzz I had fun yesterday nevertheless ^^
Today I was so lethargic in sch, couldn't take it
was a walking zombie, everyone come shoot meeeee
then another failed attempt at l4d cos I had tuition @#$%^&
so...TOMORROW, WE SHALL PLAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yay, Im anticipating the weekends!
& Marisse, you have been my happy pill for the past few days
really enjoyed yr company! Luvvvvv you see you tmr ^^V
Awwwwwwwright, off I go! Ciaooooooo X