April 14, 2009

Cause we all know that sometimes Life really sucks.

Hai its a Monday... I know I promised pictures yesterday
but they are all not up yet.
Oh well, as laziness has taken over me this is the result :/
But I'll be spending my entire day home tmr, so its confirmed
I will be doing a proper update!
I've been so bummed for the past few days
life isn't treating me well , I'm feeling like_____
(insert word, the URGH kinda feeling)
Why is it that we people, always want what we can't have?
so unfair.. so so unfair.
Whatever, FML!!!!!! I need retail therapy to calm my nerves
and get my thinking straight
I can't succumb to my emotions too easily.
One day it will destroy me, mhm I must conquere it!!!!!!!!!

I know I'm just blabbering cos no one rly knows
what I'm going on about, no one rly knows me
no one knows anything. Uh huh uh huh
so.. I shall just stop here.
Will be back tmr guys, have a great night :)
*Edited, 14th April Monday.
Hiiii blogger's being a pest, I can't upload any pictures.
whaaaaa so irritating, apologies apologies.
I'm gna keep trying! Perserverence!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!