April 21, 2009

"everybody's talking all this stuff about me..." HAHA

Hihi Earthieswearthies, the pictures are in~~~~~~~~
I spend the whole day, sorting/editing/uploading picxz. Can die -.-
So earlier last week.. we L4dians went for our usual dose of L4D
am super happy cos Marisse and I trashed the guys and won
most of the stages -inserts evil laughter ^^

Marisse: We can go join World Gaming Championship already!!
Me: YES then have our faces in the lifts around Cine.
HAHA lame lame lame lame lamezzz "so l-hameeee"
Her No.1 Dance move

the "Inquisitive" look

Im so hardworking and kenric so hungry. hehe
It was an ordinary weekday, had lots of fun tho
shoot shoot bang bang, L4d f.t.w \m/
Then on Thursday, we had an Arts Excurion to watch
CATS (meowmeow)

A snippet of what we were watching:
I loved the choreography and songs!!! BUT
we were sitting right at the back and can hardly see anything
so it made the show quite boring though I know it would be good
with better seats :/ Ahhhh so wasted. I was literally falling asleep ):
OHWELLZZ, Thats what we were for playing 54bucks -.-
Friday!! Was Girls Night for us ^^
The best part bout the whole show was the one and only
Zac Efron!
He is so.freaking.hot.hot.hot.hot.hot in the show
(squeals ^^V)
We left town early that night and headed over to Tammy's!

Photobooth Madness!
OK GO! (link)
Sugar Rush (link)
Haha check out the 2 videos we did when we were bored
and feeling retarded. Whoohoo Im sucha spazzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Tammy is crazy, she has 1 pair of eyes BUT
she owns tons of shades! Like alot alot alot alot
we were crazy when she took them all out. Tsk tsk

My (^-^)V face.
Then on Sat, I left to Haji w so much joy in meeeeeeee
we were gonna have fun that nightttttttttt

Dingxuan is a hardcore dancerrrrrrr and gymnast.
Dance in zouk, cartwheel at Butter. Not bad ;)

Eileen eileen, so high till she didn't know she took pictures.

we twins, we twinszzzzzzzzz. Haha

Superduperwooper crazy night!
Hahaha we were all in our own little world, bwahhhh
wanted to go to Butter so badly tho ):
Ahh oh well, Zouk wasn't that bad hahaha
ohwelzz we still have this week! Saturday Hurry come!!!!!!
Gave school a miss today (after so long) Gastrics was killing me
EMDD tmr, I haven't decided what to wear. Die me die
Hehe, ouhkaye goodnight people will be back soon! X