May 17, 2009

They hear the bass and they say WHOA!

Today+Topshop+Cab+Zouk+5 jugs of alcohol+A-Trak
=Helluva crazy night x 70% of bank account x too much redbull
but nevertheless....I had fun :D -5.06am
The pictures are in!!!
ReadySetGlo w A-trak last night was a blast, awesome music
lots of singing and dancing :)
Headed there w Mars Tams Dew Hosan

Hahahaha see see my siblings, Tams my twin and Manfred my brother

So obvious we were in our own world man...

I had so much caffeine in me when I got home that I did
so many sit-ups continuously till my tummy ached
I swore I could like ran 2.4 at the speed of light -.-
Nevertheless, one of the best nights in Zouk since the last time I went there
Loved yesterday :)
Im gna call Canon tmr and bug them for my cam!!! I can't wait
to start taking pictures again ):
Also planning to get new lens, heh heh 8)

This week looks promising! Very little school+lots of freetime ^^
Facial on Weds, shall get a haircut and my nails done too yay!
Have fun this week people :)