May 25, 2009

don’t do it but you do it, what you do to me

This week, I shall attempt something that will change my life forever!!!
(ok maybe I'm exaggerating a little.... )
But yes, I will.
*Tams you will know what I'm talking about. Haha
I would post pictures of the weekends, but laziness is taking over me
so perhaps tomorrow when I'm free or something? Sorry guys :/

In the mean time I feel so bloody suffocated with my thoughts
feels like I'm going through some sort of a.. mid-life crisis
No it's not clothes this time,
its every fucking feeling that I am experiencing right now
The emotions that the building up inside of me=98173218392 pipe bombs -.-
To cut it short, I'm about to explode.
Well the majority doesn't care & the minorities listen
but who are the minorities?

Pft. The World- is indeed a sad place to live in.
Pardon the angst, I'm feeling abit off. Well Goodnight and Goodbye!

okay bai againz.