May 10, 2009


Today is a Sunday, a typical Sunday.

Let's see.. Today,
I had golf, nothing special
Brother had golf too, nothing special
Mother used my May's issue of Nylon as a table mat..
something not special but infuriating >:o
Father was whistling Viva La Vida almost the whole day,
awkward but quite cool.
That was my Sunday lorzz, Steamboat @ night was a bonus
buttt I didn't eat much, only eggs hotdogs fishball and rice.
I'm boring when it comes to food :/
Then when I was bored I tied my hair into 2 cheenabanana buns
I don't know what I was thinking
I played with photobooth, something I swore I would do
to try contain my boredom when I get a Macbk
So cool my nostrills -.-

Another time I did that cheenabanana hair it turned out
curly when I let it down. I feel like doing smth to my hair
and I know this is like the second time I'm mentioning this here..
I feel like curling, but yet again don't feel like curling.
This post is so irrelevant. I'm so happy tmr is a holiday ^^
Am quite stoked for this weekend! Shall use this week
to try to shed some pounds, at least 2 or 3 :/
Baibai humans, Nighty nights X