May 20, 2009

Just let it all fade away

Presenting, our 'chauffeur' for the past 1 week.

Looks like a small boy driving a car right?

After returning the car, no more car so...

The most talked about "Butter Ribs" by Hosan Swee.
'The best ribs ever that makes you want more/go mhmmm'

Ok lor Hosan okkkkkk. Haha only the powder stufff was nice ;)

Tofu w mushrooms thingamajiggy. It was nice tho, loved it :)

Bang bang shoot shoot kill you.

Leon's addiction, stingray+barley/chestnut whatsoever
then make him go toilet for ten thousand years..


am selling that birdy top!! those who've seen my old posts
hahah yes finally gonna selllllz, interested mail me :)

past few days were:
Tam's tattoo parlour.cityplaza.brasbasah.townz.gardens.
leon's crib.vivocity.commonwealth/butterribs and.....L4D!!!!!
Basically, all around Singapore ;)

Well I had fun, tons of fun! Best weekdays I've ever had so far heh heh
too bad today's the last day, back to school tmr ):
I collected my camera yesterday, couldn't get anymore happier yay ^^
Ohvellz, today is stay home day! back to 90210 and Gossipgirl yawww
Peace out, Ta! X