May 7, 2009

Links for F21 sprees anyone?
Thanks readers for providing me w the links for the F21 sprees!
But I don't rly need it now cos I found the dress that I wanted 
so badly from the website already!!
But but I'll keep in mind these websites, they'll sure come in handy :)
Those who are looking for em can get them from my cmnt box too!

See see! Isn't it pretty? I swore I couldn't stop jumping when I saw it ^^
It was love @ first sight, Can't wait to wear it out this weekend :D
(can hide my whole body mannnzzzz hehe)

I finally brought my lazy backside to Keppel to repair my cam!
Tammy was nice to follow me there, we shopped & got new stuffs :)
& later 3 hours of L4D w Leon and Hosan, the joy of killing zombies
whahahahahah how pleasurable, yes I like seeing them die ;)
I'm so happy today, I feel slightly better cause I got new clothesss
but still am brooding over my body issues :/
Exams aren't treating me well too, Im giving up on midyears already
will try to study for prelims...............

Wil update w pics soon, mars finally uploaded em hehe
most prolly tmr? Yes yes, see you here again :) Ta!