May 16, 2009

Sing a song, Dance along

Pictures are up up uppity uppppz! Haha finallyyyyyy
I love my lappy, it uploads pictures like so much faster than my older one!
Makes blogging so easy ^^
Soooo, here are pics for a random photoshoot on Wednesday
Consisted of: Me Tams Mars Hosan Dew Kenric Crys Marc Chev
The weather was no doubt a killer, perspired like a pig. gawd...

Ahmad. Haha no wait... their Ahmad, still Hosan/Tofuboy to me k

Advertisement for the car -.-

Marc the maid, maid maid maid maid maid.

Just look @ marc.

Then Hosan Kenric Dew and Tams left for somewhere
leaving us deserted on the 'island' we survivors improvised
games w the broken umbrella.. Golf, Javalin, Pictionary 'Survivor' Edition
Had a good laugh that day, was one helluva fun day :D

Tam's house thereafter for awhile, her house was like a chalet
for the entire week. Mars was ultimate survivor, stayed there for a week..

Thursday, over to Tam's quite early. Say... 12-1ish?
Everyone was sleeping, Akira and I had our eyes superglued
onto the lappy playing Bejeweled on Fb, effing addictive ballzzzz.
Stupid game, keeps me up every night trying to break my highscore -.-

Headed to town in the evening for Angels and Demons w Leon.
Fantastic show, it's superyummyliciously nice!!!! Go watch it everyone
I don't get why people say Da Vinci Code/A&D are Anti Christ movies, why uh?
Yesterday met up w girlfriends, being a goodgirlfriend I watched
Angels and Demons (AGAIN) for their sake :/
I was going crazy the whole day cos I forgot to bring my atm card out
and I was completely outta cash, (yes Im v dependant on my card)
AHHHH, Hahaha so didn't do much.... Tammy's house @ night for a movie & home!
Today is a Saturday! Crys's house tonight for BBQ
Hopefully tonight we will have fun ;)
Enjoy your Saturday earthlings XX