May 29, 2009


Today= Quite an accomplishment!
I am so happy! Like I said, retail therapy always calms the angry soul.
Am quite calmed now hahahaa :)
I got my shades today! Despite Hosan's attempt to change my mind...
Sorry hosan, but I really do like it and I apologised for being an ass today ):
I will make it up to you and have ribs with you one day ok?

Yep, Shades!!!! Haha its so pretty right? There's pink in the inside
Now pink isn't really my colour & I hardly wear pink but
the girly side of me took over when I saw those shades and I knew
I GOT TO HAVE IT!!!!!!! Bwahaha, now its mine mine MINE! :)
Now pocketz no moneyz alreadyz D:
Oh well, its okay can save again. Hahahahahahahahahahahaaha

Yes yes, And I CURLED MY HAIR. (No I did not get a tattoo..)
Told yall I was exaggerating when I said "change my life forever"
I was expecting the worse, like some PCK hair... but its fine. Just thin :/
Really would help if my hair could grow quickly now!!!! Pft
Anyway, can't wait for tmr! Gna have 'smalldragonBAO" w gfs & moviee!
I wna play L4d again, LEON CAN U HURRY COME BACK!!!???
We have to complete our marathon!!! weRZombiekillerz4lyfezxxzz.
Okzzz, Im so lazy gonna exercise and sleep. Baibai world X
OH yes.. on a side note:

Im currently in love with them ;)
fallin fallin fallin fallinnnnn~~~

I know I'm so random but has anyone caught a whiff of this cologne???
WHAAAA DAMN NICE. Since last year, 've loved the smell.
I think i will fall in love with whoever that's using it.....
no wait, i wna buy it for myself, so I will fall in love w me myself and I -.-
Ok whatever, should stop talking. ahhaahahha ta!