June 2, 2009

Always and Forever more

Heyho people, How's your week coming along?
Sorry for the lack of updates, I'm really lazy when it comes to blogging these days
no actually.... Im lazy when it comes to doing anything. Pfttttt
Last weekend was mad, and I really mean Mad.
Impromptu decision for Zouk on Friday & then Butter on Sat
Friday was ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ wellwell.

Look ma! I got a twin!

Yea, its been a month since I last stepped into Phuture. Haha

so next day Streetlife Djs @ Butter


I should stop taking pics when I drink, I sleep in most of them

One of my worst drinking nights, no didn't puke, wasn't drunk
mind was kinda messed up, I felt so messed up
felt my self esteem being pulled all the way down, way below zero,
felt destroyed
thanks! you did a really good job.
one hectic night, thanks for all who stood by sorry if I caused problems!!
Didn't mean to ):
So yes! That was my weekend, can't wait for this Sat.
Hopefully it would be better.. I have to stop gaining weight, stop eating.
I need my Left 4 Dead therapy..... where are team mates ):
boo hoo, hate this. Oh welllz at least my F21 package is here
10% up my happiness level!

Yea so I'll be back soon! oh yes oh yes...
*punches fist in the air
You know I know what you're thinking? ;)
Ciao people X