June 10, 2009

Heyho let's go! Hahahahahahahahahahahaha
its 3:55 am, currently residing @ tam's and feeling super full.
I bought one whole carton of barley, now I find that barley is addictive
(sx can back that claim) now all thanks to Leon aka Barley boy/king -.-
Anyhoos, photoshoot for tam's next collection this afternoon
dragged my lazy ass out of bed to head to the studio
am quite sleepy naowzzz...

well well, today I had fun.
Tams and I unleashed our inner 'lian' at EastCoast's arcade today
we played DDR and para para, wahahahahahah epic moments.
The l4d with a few others at night, quite awesome ;)
Everything went well today, I'm quite happy ^^
Okz, I will upload more pics when I get them
I shall head home soon to get some beauty sleep yayz
baibai, goodnight people X